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We all stop at stop signs, buckle up before driving our cars, and stop at red light and the reasons are simple, to avoid getting and expensive fine or ticket.  When stopped by an officer we must provide a Driver license, car registration and car insurance if any of these are missing a fine or possible arrest is a possibility we all face. 
Arm control and all politics are in open table meeting and looking for ways to control arms and automatic weapon restrictions or used.  We see TV programs interviewing all personalities desperately to get a response or discussing the way to stop massacres with automatic weapons.  
I have come up with a proposition I haven’t heard yet:  insurance policy for all weapons.  Any person who decides to purchase, carry and use it must have a license, registration and valid insurance policy for such weapon. The amount of the insurance police should depend on the type of weapon, usage, caliber and age of the owner.  The insurance policy must cover all and any type of NON properly used weapons, pay damages cause to victims and victims’ families.  Insurance will be a MUST for owners to have the right to own any type of weapon, whether for home used or sports.  Stores that sale weapons without the proper documentation and insurance should be hold accountable and made responsible of liability to victims or families victims.
If  insurance indemnifications exist for victims of plane crashes, boat sinking, building collapses, car accidents and any other tragedies covered by insurance, why not for victims of massacres of shootings.
Weapons don’t kill only those whom decided to used them against innocent victims are the ones to pay the price. To hold responsible those that own them, in my point of view an obvious and only solution, its to insure all weapons!!. In my concept All Weapons owners MUST have license, registration and insurance. Lets apply the same regulation for vehicles.

In the long road to became a non warrior society I do believed that this is a step TO move forward... What do you all think...? Shall we draft a proposition ?
                    José Rodrigo Umaña
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  1. 9:02am
    Danny Onate
    Jose! that's a solution.people just want to get rid of them.. which isn't.. insurance on weapons is a way to control them.

  2. This is a very sensitive issue...and I am very dissapointed how weapons are sell like candies to people who looks normal.

    Normal people use guns for sport activities (kill animals). My question ...are this normal people? ...this is just one example of those normal people...what about thos who suffer post...and all those from violent broken families...

    Is a good proposition...and sell them more expensive.

  3. Message left on my Facebook .

    I don't think insurance for weapons is the solution to the violence we suffer as a society. The solution to this issue, is to change the law to decrease weapon sell and eliminating the weapons out there. Last year Britain had 35 cases of death weapon-related compare to 10, 000 in the United States. Who to blame...the weapon industry they just want MONEY, they don't care about anything else, but money.

    1. Jose'
      My point of view is that in case of a gun ban, criminals and outlaws will always get any weapon even if prohibited by law. Only the respectful of the law citizens would be disarmed. This situation will give advantage to the outlaws. What if an armed raper or thief or killer forces my home or attacks my family and me in the supermarket? how will I protect my family and property? perhaps with a kitchen knife (in the event it is not considered a deadly weapon and then prohibited)? In this cases I would like that not only me, but also my wife be armed.
      I believe that government could control the arms, and register each weapon to his owner and impose an exhaustive background check to gun owners, to avoid sales with illegal purposes.

  4. Thank you all for your comments on this topic. No control nor law can avoid the criminal act. BUT we can reduce the access to weapons with this insurance process. As a car to be in street needs all documents up date, weapons will be to. All the process mention of background check and register are part of the control. Insurance will also allow to not have weapons of the same caliber by same owner. Military used guns only to be sold to club gun members to be used only on club locations. Thank..Jr

  5. I am still just heartbroken at all the violence.

  6. Yes we all are.Its why Bringing ideas,concepts,proposals an ir to comment its important. Keeping silent uts a ris.

  7. We are still thinking that automatic and or semi automatics are the issue. GUN DONT KILL. are MEN its society.
    My proposal as complement for GUN CONTROL.

    More schools are in shooting problems,,

    ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Police say a student walked into a downtown St. Louis school and shot an administrator before turning the gun on himself on Tuesday.
    The shooting happened at the Stevens Institute of Business and Arts in the 1500 block of Washington near 15th St. around 2 p.m.
    According to police, the student entered a fourth-floor office in the school and shot a financial aid member in the chest. He then shot himself.
    Police responded to the shooting and found the suspect between the third and fourth floor. Both the suspect and victim were transported to SLU Hospital in critical condition. They were expected to survive.
    Police said a handgun was recovered inside the school.
    According to police, SWAT units checked each floor of the school and determined the building was secure. No other victims were found.

  8. Jose Rodrigo Umaña Martinez shared The Cram Media Network's status.

    Seguimos en actos BIPOLARES SOCIALES. Argumentan que el control es evitar calamidades como estas y creen que el control es desarmar una Nacion. Buscan el huevo y la gallina es quien tienen la solucion. familia, conceptos, valores, tolerancia y mas. hice una propuesta que van en desarrollo de un paso dentro del control de armas que es asegurarlas. La NRA abre asi un camino adicional a su negocio y control. Tendremos que ser victimas para cambiar y aceptar cambios? Tendremos que ser parte de la masacre para comprender que la ley y el uso de armas no es quien mata. La ley del mandamieto NO MATAR esta escrita hace 2mil años Y..? NO es de armas automaticas o semi.. no es de municiones o proveedores de asalto. ES de conciencia y valores y FAMILIA. Es de HOGAR. .. En mi blog busco 200 mil firmas para que el dentro del control de armas se aplique el seguro que cubre a los familiares o victimas de estas masacres no como medida de que NO SE COmentan mas, mas como un medio de protecion a las victimas. Se caen los aviones o se descarrila un tren o se estrella un carro y cubren los seguros.. Por que no en una masacre..
    El uso de armas de dotacion de ejercito debe ser restrigida a lugares y personas idoneas. El uso de municiones de menos calibre tambien. Todo es viable. Queremos soluciones aportemos soluciones. Miremos caminos y cambiemos..
    Tiroteo en un colegio universitario de Houston, Texas

    (CNNEspañol) – Varias personas fueron baleadas en un centro universitario del Condado de Harris, en Houston Texas, según las autoridades.
    Según investigadores el tiroteo ocurrió en el campus Norte de Lone Star College Harris, ubicado en 2700 West WW Thorne Drive cerca de Aldine Westfield poco después del mediodía.
    La escuela está en plena actividad académica y hay más de diez mil estudiantes en esa escuela.
    La policía local están respondiendo al evento, dijo a CNN Jed Director ejecutivo de comunicaciones.
    Las autoridades no han dicho exactamente cuántas personas han sido baleadas o el alcance de sus lesiones.
    Alguaciles adjuntos dijeron que tienen al menos una persona detenida, pero no han dicho si esa persona es sospechosa del ataque. Tampoco se sabe si hay más de un atacante.

  9. Well I do believe that we are moving forward. I try to contact ASEMBLYMAN PHIL TING, BUt because he is not of my district I can not speak nor write to him,. Here is his proposal.

    Democratic lawmakers proposed legislation Tuesday that would require California gun owners to buy liability insurance to cover damages or injuries caused by their weapons.

    Similar bills have been introduced in other states after the Newtown, Conn., school massacre. They include Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New York.

    "I was moved, like many others, being the father of two young children, by the Sandy Hook incident and looking for constructive ways to manage gun violence here in California as well as the rest of the country," said Assemblyman Philip Ting of San Francisco, who introduced AB231 along with Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez of Los Angeles. "There's basically a cost that is born by the taxpayers when accidents occur. ... I don't think that taxpayers should be footing those bills."

    Ting equated the idea to requiring vehicle owners to buy auto insurance. Gomez said it would encourage gun owners to take firearms safety classes and keep their guns locked up to get lower insurance rates.

    No state has enacted the requirement despite repeated previous attempts, said Jon Griffin, a policy analyst with the National Conference of State Legislatures.

    Bills have been offered unsuccessfully in Massachusetts and New York since at least 2003, when the conference began keeping track, he said. Similar bills were proposed in Illinois in 2009 and in Pennsylvania last year. Lawmakers are introducing the bills this year in even more states after the recent shootings.

    Some proposals would require buyers to show proof of insurance before they could purchase a weapon. The proposal in California would apply to anyone owning a weapon, Ting said, though the bill's details are still being worked out.

    Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California, said most gun owners already act responsibly and can be sued for damages if they don't.

    He said the proposal is part of an ongoing attempt to "price gun owners out of existence," particularly the law-abiding poor who live in crime-ridden areas and need protection the most. Criminals would ignore the law, he said.

    Moreover, he questioned whether it is constitutional to require someone to buy insurance to exercise a constitutional right.

    "If they don't address it in committee, I'll guarantee they'll have to address it in court," Paredes said.

    Ting said he and Gomez plan to work with gun owners and opponents to craft a constitutional bill. It will not require insurance companies to offer gun insurance, but will encourage them to enter the market.

    He noted that the National Rifle Association itself already offers its members the chance to buy liability insurance, despite its opposition to requiring gun owners to buy such policies.

    Ting also introduced AB232, which would give a state income-tax credit of up to $1,000 to anyone who turns in a firearm to a local gun buyback program. The amount of the credit would be determined based on the value of the weapon.

    Read more:

  10. Yeah, like the bad guys are going to buy insurance. Riiiiight.

  11. Why worry about BAD or Criminals. If good men are arm with all law requirements why to worry. The factory that produce the weapons will respond with the distributor of what a weapon NON license nor registers and non insure will do..JR


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